PCNC Grants Alcantara Foundation Five-Year Accreditation

The Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) granted Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. (Alcantara Foundation) a five-year NGO accreditation from 2021-2026. 

“We are honored with the five-year accreditation, the maximum year of accreditation that can be granted to NGOs. This is a significant milestone for an NGO as CLAFI because this shows that we comply with the necessary government requirements,” said Richlie Lyndon Magtulis, Executive Director of AIcantara Foundation.  

PCNC granted the accreditation after impartial scrutiny and verification with the PCNC standards of good governance, management and accountability. 

Accreditation ensures public accountability of an NGO by performing what it must and accomplishing what it should as stated in its mission and vision statement and goals. It also ensures transparency within non-profit organizations, especially that most receive donations from individuals and corporations. PCNC is the Philippine NGO accrediting body. 

“We are not a bogus NGO. We live with our mission to deliver innovative programs that enable our partner communities to be self-reliant, to gain equitable access to quality education, and to nurture a sustainable environment,” said Mr. Magtulis. 

In 2016, CLAFI was also granted a five-year accreditation by the PCNC.

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