Strong Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) in Sarangani

A partnership project with the Partnership for Development Assistance in the Philippines (PDAP) and the United States Agency for International Development to counter Trafficking In Persons (TIP) through capacitating and strengthening life skills among children as the first level of TIP prevention.

Through this project, CLAFI developed contextualized and culturally-sensitive educational materials (i.e. Counter Trafficking in Persons Learner Materials and Teacher Guides) in Blaan, Cebuano, and Maguindanaon. These materials were integrated into the Department of Education curriculum, and are used by more than 6,000 Grade 5-6 learners in multiple public elementary schools in Sarangani province: 50 Blaan, 20 Cebuano, and 10 Maguindanaon.

These culturally-sensitive and contextualized materials contain stories and instances particular to each specific culture, written in their own specific language. This follows the Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education paradigm of the DepEd, which posits that learning is easier using the children’s language as a literate base.