Our Work

As the CSR arm of the Alcantara group, CLAFI continues to embody our founders’ values and fulfill their mission of helping others by implementing two major programs.

Education and Youth Leadership Development Projects

CLAFI believes that education will empower the people of Mindanao towards equity and progress. Driven by this principle, our education projects are centered on gaining equitable access to quality education for our partner communities, in hopes of capacitating them towards self-reliance.

Environment Protection and Conservation Projects

Part of our mission is to build a sustainable environment that thrives as the people we empower thrive. Our environmental projects help protect local ecosystems that farmers and other community members depend on for resources and livelihood.

Special Projects

From homegrown Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to externally-funded projects by partners such as USAID and Consuelo Foundation, the foundation prides itself on its track record of designing and implementing high-impact projects in close collaboration with community partners.